Quite often we are asked to completely change the look of an existing floor to match the theme of a remodeling project.  Such was the case at the retailer Warby Parker, where the building owner wanted the existing oak floors to be painted in a checkerboard pattern in accordance with their new building theme.


Based upon our extensive experience of painting floors, we understood this project presented some unique challenges. We knew the floor could easily be painted white with black squares painted overtop to achieve the checkerboard effect. However, there was a high likelihood that the black paint would bleed and this would result in streaks of black paint in the white squares of the checkerboard.


In order to prevent the paint from bleeding between squares, we came up with an innovative, three-step solution to the problem. We would actually seal the tape down and then paint the squares to eliminate any bleeding.


Our three step process worked perfectly and the black paint went on smoothly with no bleeding.  Now when you visit Warby Parker’s Portland  to buy your next pair of glasses, you see is a crisp, clean checkerboard pattern on the floor.