Creative Flooring Solutions

Brandsen Floors is an End to End Flooring Solutions Company that has successfully completed over 20,000 client installations over the past three decades.  We take your vision and translate it into a beautifully finished functional floor.  This entails evaluating the space for material selection, analyzing the substrate, such as the concrete slab for flatness and moisture, selecting the best installation method, and recommending the appropriate trims and transitions.

Dreamed and Delivered

We work on a wide variety of projects from small to large and our clients always brings us their most challenging projects in difficult environments. This is because of our proven track record of success and willingness to treat each project individually. These difficult projects also require the most detailed project management.

We also think outside the box. For example, you may not need to replace the floor, only repair and restore it. A designer may come to us with a particular flooring material that they would like to use on a project and we will improve their selection by taking into account ultra violet light considerations, by recommending different size planks or tiles, or suggesting a different material that improves the room’s aesthetic appeal and long-term durability.