Patagonia is well-known clothing retailer with locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. They were experiencing several issues with the floor at their Portland store which is located in a refurbished historic industrial building downtown. The original floor consisted of heavy wood planks with large gaps between them. During the restoration process the gaps between the planks were initially filled with a cork and liquid adhesive filler by another contractor which was disintegrating and coming out in large chunks creating both an unsightly appearance and a safety hazard within their store.


Our challenge was to find an aesthetically appealing solution that would fill the gaps with a more permanent solution. Since Patagonia is a retailer, they were also unable to close the store for the normal duration that it would typically take to refinish the floor and allow the finish to fully cure.


We created a solution to fill the gaps using custom cut tapered wood strips. This provided a durable solution that blended well with the existing planks. In order to compete the repairs in the shortest possible timeframe, we staged the work to occur in phases. In addition, we used our Brilliant UV cured finish system to allow each area to immediately be turned back over to the customer for use.


Patagonia now has a fully refurbished wood floor that will last for years to come. They were able to obtain these results without closing their store to their customers for any length of time.