The Sokol Blosser winery was expanding and building a new wine tasting facility. The design had included new wood flooring to be installed in most of the building.


The floor included two different wood types, custom stain colors, and flooring planks laid on angles in the room. Also, the design called for a sloped ADA ramp between levels for wheelchair access, and flooring planks laid on the ramp as well. Further, the tight project schedule due to a grand opening event added pressure to the process.


We used our top craftsmen to align the seams of the boards over transitions and down the ramp without a visual interruption to the grain patterns. As the project neared completion, it did not seem that there was sufficient time to keep other trades off the floor to allow the floor finish to cure before the opening event. Brandsen used their Brilliant UV cure system to finish the floor and instantly bring it to full cure reducing contactor down time significantly.


Sokol Blosser and their guests now enjoy the beautiful aesthetic effects of the custom angled flooring planks and were able to open the facility on time as planned with the help of Brandsen.